Shades of Magenta 2006, Watercolour & Acrylic Medium on Paper,  30cm x 21cm





Redgreen Male 2008,  Red & Green Ink on Paper, 30cm x 21cmcm

Blue and Red  2014,  painted drawing: Acrylic & Ink,  42cm x 29.5cm
Self 1, 2018,  Graphite, Ink pen, Acrylic Medium on Paper on Canvas,   60cm x 50cm




Self-12,  2019,  Ink on Primed Canvas + Over Layers of Acrylic Medium,  36cm x 30cm



Solid Sanguine 1, 2020,  Pastel on White Paper with Knife Injuries,  21cm x 15cm


Black on Black,  2020,  Graphite Pencil on Black Paper,  21cm x 15cm

Overpainted Red Image, 2016,  Acrylic medium & pigment on paper,  30cm x 21cm
19 September 2019 - grey. 2019, graphite,  Acrylic medium & pigment on paper, 21cm x 15cm
Magenta - Scored  2012,  Ink & coloured pencil on paper,  42cm x 30cm
Deep Blue Painted Drawing,  2013,  Ink & Acrylic Medium & Pigment on Paper, 42cm x 30cm