This website shows a few examples of my paintings and drawings spanning roughly two decades.

My work is entirely figurative, ranging from group compositions, single figures and closely focused heads and faces. FIGURE paintings are always very large, single HEADS can range from 170cm square canvases to A4 size in drawings.

The originality of my work lies in the way I use paint, which is applying  countless layers of Acrylic, consisting of various kinds of Acrylic medium mixed with colour pigment, and building up translucent crusts of material that sit relief-like on the canvas.
The surface appearance can vary greatly within one painting and is usually very complex. Different surface treatment defines different plains of focus within an image.
Paint thickness can be watercolour-thin or several millimetres thick, glossy smooth to grainy, aggressively bitty and porous. Although the use of figures and heads is the basis to my work, they only form the foundation and carrier for a personalised, painterly language. There is a very strong abstract and sculptural aspect to my paintings and colour is a key element.


These paintings have to be seen first hand to be appreciated, the computer screen does not disclose their uniqueness.